About Us

With turrets, a tower and a fine entrance hallway, Kincaid House Hotel is a striking castle building with a unique character in discreet private grounds.



Although records show that a substantial part of the present building was reconstructed around 1812, its oldest part dates from 1690 and there is evidence of a house being on the site as far back as the 12th century.

Architect David Hamilton, who later designed nearby Lennox Castle and the High Church of Campsie, is chiefly credited for Kincaid House’s style and lay-out.

His trademark work can be seen most obviously in the eastern block of the hotel, which, locals maintain, was inspired by the Castle of Inveraray in Argyllshire, where the Duchess of Inveraray currently resides.  The main feature of this block is its central staircase under a square tower and four corner turrets.

Kincaid House, now a grade ‘A’ listed building that’s undergone extensive restoration, was formerly the residence of the family of “Kincaid of that Ilk.”  At an earlier stage, the Kincaids also occupied an older house called Kyncade Tower on the same site.